How do you access SAPI Voices other than the default

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I have a routine to convert text to speech within acess 2010 running on Windows 7. It works fine.

But, are there other voices supplied in Windows 7 and how would use them in place of the default ...Anna I think.

Thanks in advance
Private Sub Welcome(LogName As String)
Dim speaks, speech
speaks = "Welcome," & LogName & ", let's get down to business"
Set speech = CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.Speak speaks
End Sub

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I don't use SAPI, but this link seems to show how to change Voices:

The code there is Visual Basic, but it will work in VBA as well. The code uses form-level declarations; you might need to move them to your Module instead, depending on your needs.
Try to add

Set speech.Voice = speech.getvoices.Item(0)
0 - first available voice.
You can also use extended version:

Set speech.voice = speech.GetVoices("Name=Microsoft sam", "Language=409").Item(0)


Used the code as supplied on MSDN. Had to add Microsoft Speech library to references in access ... it worked fine.

It seems Win7only has the one voice Anna, so I will now try and seek out more that I can use without having to install the full SAPI SDK.

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