SQL Server 2008 Setup has encountered an error. Has anyone seen this

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I thought I had this thing nearly done but....Noooooooo! Then I got the following error.

  SQL Server 2008 Setup has encountered an error.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:	SQL100Exception
  Problem Signature 01:	SQL2008@RTM@
  Problem Signature 02:	0xC5001868
  Problem Signature 03:	0xC5001868
  Problem Signature 04:	0xDC80C325
  Problem Signature 05:	0xDC80C325
  Problem Signature 06:	GatherUserSettings
  Problem Signature 07:	Unknown
  Problem Signature 08:	Unknown
  Problem Signature 09:	Unknown
  Problem Signature 10:	Unknown
  OS Version:	6.0.6002.
  Locale ID:	1033

Additional information about the problem:
  LCID:	1033
Does anyone know what causes this?
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What release of Windows 2008 are you installing on. In case of windows 2008r2 you'll need sql 2008 sp1. If you want to install without servicepack. Run the installer of sql sp1, it will complain there is no SQL but extracts the files, once the files are extracted cancel out of here. Now you can install SQL 2008 (without servicepack) and it will pickup the SQL files and install SQL, once the installation is finisched rerun the SP1 setup and youl find yourself with a working SQL on release 2008R2.
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To answer your question it appears when I start the install for "SQL Server 2008 only not SP1
When I try to install I get the error "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created." I found the DreamensioN.NET site and followed the instructions about creating a c:\temp directory. This did not fix the problem.

Let me see if I follow those instructions:

  • Install the SQL Server 2008 SP1 (which I cannot seem to find)  I did find it in my Microsoft Partner Portal. However it is in the ISO format. I am attempting to upload it to my server. I do not know how to run this in this format from the hard drive in an ISO format. Do you know what I can do to fix that?
  • Once I do that then I will try to install it based on your specs above.
  • I do not know for sure if you mean by simply starting the install then canceling after the files are extracted. Then attempting to reinstall the regular SQL Server 2008 then that will actually load SP2. That is what it sounds like. I am part way there.
Can you help me with the above questions?
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I just got all the way through everything to the point of installation. It passed all the tests and when I clicked next to begin the install nothing happened. I got the above error just as before following the exact instructions provided. Please let me know if you know why this occurs. Thank you.
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could you disable UAC for now & give it a go ?
also, has there been any previous SQL installations on this server ?
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Yes there is a partial install of SQL 2005 and 2008. I am trying to do a full install of 2008. I disabled the UAC and I seem to be getting the same problem. Over and over. It hangs up completely at the point of the Installation Rules. Any thoughts?
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The only thing that failed is the SQL Server Express 2005 Tools. It says I need to remove SQL 2005 Express Tools. I am afraid to do that as it might mess up another database that uses SQL Server 2005? I thought I could have both installed. Everything else passes in the test.

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Neither one seemed ot help so I am uninstalling and trying to reinstall I have posted new questions on the EE site. No answers yet. These were helpfull but did not seem to affect it. The UAC is disabled.

Penguins suggestion was actually not recommended by another expert on another post I started. He said no to that thread of thought.

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