How do I import a policy into BES Express 5.0.2???

I can't find a way to import a policy into our updated BES Express 5.0.2 server.  When it was a 4.0 server we were able to.  I need to import the AT&T Policy Pack.

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Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Have you checked this KB at RIM?

Daeta42Author Commented:
yeah and tons of others too...  That is for the standard BES not the Express version....  I have tried a bunch of ways reading about older versions of the Standard BES server and they haven't worked either...

I am wondering since it runs off a SQL background  that perhaps I can import them that way...  But, I am not a SQL guy so I don't know how to import an XML file into SQL either...  (And it's the Express version of SQL too that installed when you install the BES Express, so we know that there is going to some features removed from that as well)  

I am thinking that RIM took out Policy imports from the BES Express 5.x or hidden somewhere really sneaky...  Not sure...

Thanks for looking at it though...  

I asked the question in a different manner hoping for an answer here is the link to the question to perhaps give you some insight...

Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
I've been looking around a bit more on this, and it may be that RIM has removed the import feature as of SP2, or 5.0.2. People are saying that this was available in and since patching, it's gone!

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Daeta42Author Commented:
This is TOTALLY GHAY...!!!  If RIM removed such a valuable feature in their express version...I can understand perhaps limiting us to what sort of policy's we can create/import...  But we should at least be able to use the basics...  Like the stuff that service providers are giving away...  

I am still wondering about a SQL import of some sort...  Anyone....???
Policy import has been disabled for BES express as it's kind of counter-intuitive to the original concept of the product.
express is meant to be for small business, or organizations not required to run certain configurations and policies - if your company was in that position you'd have deployed full bes, not express.

think about it from rim's perspective - if you could import all the policies of full bes into express, why would you want to pay for/install full bes in the first place?

Given that Express is free, i don't think there's much to complain about.

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Daeta42Author Commented:
I am really not complaining a lot...  Only about one feature that we were able to use on on BB devices...  Then when we upgrade to 5.0.2 they take the feature away...  It isn't even the the fact that we can't import just the fact that we can't use the AT&T features that we were/are paying for...  

So they broke something that their service provider gives to their customers...  Counter intuitive I think to take away a feature that AT&T sells...  And, to not have a fix that would allow us to use the AT&T apps again...  The import feature...  Heck I can see them limiting it to service provider packs exclusively or at least *not* taking away something that AT&T provides....  Or even allowing some way to circumvent the import to get the AT&T policy Pack installed...  

I am sure that Sprint, Verizon, Boost and other service providers have the same issue or soon will...  

Heck we are willing to pay AT&T to use functionality on our RIM devices *but* RIM won't allow it...  Again...  Counter intuitive and if they don't fix it we will be canceling $25 worth of service per like on 175 lines...  Uh oh...  Looks like AT&T is the biggest loser here...  

Daeta42Author Commented:
I don't like you answer just because RIM sucks...  You hit the nail on the head with the answer....  sigh..
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