u-torrent and winzip

Both u-Torrent and WinZip use ".zip" files.  If I set u-Torrent as default, I have difficulty opening a file with WinZip when I want to (and the other way round). The ony way I have found is to change the default to what I want at that moment but this is a hassle.

Is there a setting within Windows 7 that allows me to choose which program to use in a particular case (without having to change settings each time) ... or that can differentiate between u-Torrent and WinZip .zip files?
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Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
You can right click on the file and choose Open With. This will give you a list of available applications to open the file with.

If Winzip and/or uTorrent isn't listed, select Choose Default Program and browse for the program you want to open the file with. The next time you right click and choose Open With, the application will be listed.

mike_oramAuthor Commented:
Thanks LeeOsborneUK,

Yes, I can do that if starting from a file within a folder . But if I have an attachment in Outlook that I am seeking to open, or I am seeking to download a u-torrent file (and the default for .zip files is set at WinZip) I not have the option to 'right click'. I'm sorry that this I did not make that explicit.
Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Ok, that makes sense. I've been looking around, but I can't find any application or option that will allow you to do this.

What you need (and what I've been looking for) is an application that launches when you click on, for example, a zip file and asks what application from a given list of options you want to open it with.

I'm not sure if something exists, but I'll keep looking!


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LeeOsborneUk advice is sound.

Torrents files are defined by the .tor extension.  These .tor  then map to, for example, the collection of files (usually .zip or .rar) that contain the final file.

The need to open a .zip with utorrent, doesn't sound correct.  Once utorrent has download the 'files' associated with the .tor, you then use Winzip or Winrar, to extract those results.

Right clicking a Zip file, on the desktop, choosing Open with , Choose Winzip, and ensure the Always use option is selected.

Right click a .Tor file, choosing Open with, Choose utorrent, and ensure the Always use option is selected.

I do see that you confirmed your use, but the steps your taking dont align with what I see as options for utorrent file associations (native).
You can modify context menus via the registery to add the functionality you're interested in.

Check out: http://www.lopesoft.com/en/fmtools/info.html
mike_oramAuthor Commented:
I found also another solution to open files in Outlook 2010. One can access an 'open with' dialogue if one first uses the 'Preview' option. That allows entry to 'Open With'...
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