http://1.1 Service Unavailable error message on eBay

When trying to sign-in to eBay on my laptop (Vista) it crashes out with a white screen saying "http://1.1 Service Unavailable", but has previously worked fine.

If I sign-in using my desktop computer (XP Pro) there is no problem.

On the laptop, I do initially get through to the ebay sign-on screen ( ...), but the URL changes to just before the crash.

The problem first occurred when I was using the laptop in France earlier this week, but it has always worked in France OK before.
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iamsamIT Support EngineerCommented:
Can you do a full scan for spyware/ malware on the laptop? Also does this happen in every browser you use? Try to clear out the temp files/cookies and restart the computer after the scan they try going to the site again.
pauldownhamAuthor Commented:
I've run ccleaner and adaware, but nothing unusual reported. I'll try getting rid of cookies next, and try a different browser. Then I'll report back: Thanks.
pauldownhamAuthor Commented:
OK, it turned out to be none of the above!

The problem seems to be that eBay had become confused by my foreign sign-ins.  I tried to access my account through the USA site (rather than and this worked, so then I changed back to the UK site, refreshed my favourite link, and the "migratevisitor" URL pop up no longer appeared.

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