Embed External Images in to SSRS Reports.

Hi Experts,

I have some Extrenal Images(Graphical images for different Colors) which i want to embed in to the text boxes in SSRS reports. Could you please walk me through , how could I get these images and embed them in to the text boxes.


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From the Report Items selection, place an image into a textbox, then If it's a static image, then use the following example:

If you need to dynamically set the image, then use the same but you'll have to build out the string depending on the field or paramater that you use:
="file:\\c:\temp\" & Parameters!Image.Value & ".jpg "

The best way, since you are using 2008, is to put the images into a table so that you can have more control over them. Let me know if you'd prefer to try this one ...
n_srikanth4Author Commented:
Hi Aeliso3 ,

I can't use the table as I have to use  couple of placeholders and then bind the data from two different datasets.   Could you please explain me in detail and walk me through , how could i achieve in  embedding external images to the text box.



No problem ... There is a screen shot below of the two items that you need ... The Textbox item and the Image item.
1) Place the Textbox item onto the report and resize it to make it as big as you need to.
2) Click the Image item and then inside of the textbox, draw a square for the size that you need the image
3) When you let go of the mouse, it will bring up the Image Properties window (screen shot below). For the dropdown that says "Select Image Source" select External
4) In the box that says "Use this image", type in     ="file:\\c:\temp\Image1.jpg"    (change the part that corresponds to the location and name of the file
5) Click on OK and run the report

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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
Just wanted to mention that I've written a whole article regarding images on SSRS reports.  You can find it here: http://blog.hoegaerden.be/2010/07/07/put-some-images-on-those-ssrs-reports/

Hope you find it useful!

Best regards,
n_srikanth4Author Commented:
HI ValentinoV :

Thanks for sending this article. It is very good.

             I have a Barchart with the column "Issue Ratings" (with values Rating 1,Rating 2,Rating 3,Rating 4, Not Rated) and I want to display different colors for each rating(say "Yellow Green" for Rating 1, "Yellow" for Rating 2, " Orange" for Rating 3, "Red" for Rating 4 and "Gray" for Not Rated).

Could you please walk me through steps of how to achieve this??


ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
Hi Sreekanth,

In one of my articles (Pie Chart Techniques) I'm explaining how to implement custom colors.  I believe it should be similar to what you need.  See your currently open question on pie chart, I've posted the link there :-)

If that doesn't help you out I recommend to open a new question, because this is not really related to your question here about images on reports.  Hope you understand?

Best regards,

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