Outlook 2003 on Remote Desktop Services: Unable to open your default folders. The information store could not be opened.

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Have a terminal server which until 2 days ago was fine. 14 users have no issues at all. When a new user was created in AD (separate box) then logged in via RDS, all programs work except Outlook.

First: Cannot create PST. Went to control panel, mail icon, and created one. Then the next error was that "Unable to open your default folders, the information store could not be opened".

Outlook works fine for existing users, not for new users. I created 2 different users, tried with both.

Should note that The User CAL mode is used and is within range. Also, it is NOT Exchange.

I have done a repair & made sure to update.

At a loss. Is the only option to completely remove & reinstall Office??

Thanks, Adam  
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Looks like your Outlook is trying to create a file at a location it can not access (default is the C drive for a new pst out of the box). Try testing with administrator priv and locate where it is creating a PST file  and redirect this location for new users.

If you leave mail on the mailserver create a setup profile that does not use PST files and just connects via Exchange conector or whaterver your using if thats possible.


Thanks for the quick reply. I have confirmed that users have full access to the directories in question. Also there is no Exchange server. Each user has a profile on the Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Server)



Uninstalled Office 2003 from the RD server. Installed Office 2007. For a new user I created a PST in a location other than default and was successful. However, when I attempted to send a message, it did not work. Got an error "Object not found"
In this situation i uninstalled Office 2003 & installed2007. Did the trick.

Does it work now without errors then? Because if installing 2007 did the trick I am wondering what the caused it.

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