172-1 Configuration Nonvolatile Memory invalid (HP ML370 G4)

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Hi Guys.

Server at our customer wouldn't boot up. Found no bootable device? Yesterday it works perfect. Drives seems okay, but the following line is displayed:

172-1 Configuration Nonvolatile Memory invalid

If i try to change settings in BIOS it doesn't save it correctly.

Any ideas? Battery i've just a few minutes ago changed.

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Now that you've changed battery, you will need to run the System Configuration Utility.  If your system was built from the SmartStart CD, then you will have a Compaq System Partition.  To access this, press F10 during boot when you see the "Press F10 for Compaq system partition utilities." prompt.  You will find the System Configuration Utility under the System Configuration Menu.  You will need to choose the correct boot device and other obvious stuff.  I suspect this will not work if the boot device is not defined so see below for the alternative:

If your system was NOT built from the SmartStart CD, then you will have to access the System Configuration Utility direct from the CD.  Boot from this and from the System Utilities screen, execute the System Configuration Utility, click Run System Configuration Utility.

Once set up, save the configuration and see if it all gets remembered between boots and power cycles.

All tried before. Solution:

Changed Battery, removed Server from all Power Chords several MINUTES!

Rebooted, ereased the nvram ...

... and it works!

But WHY? Tzzz ...
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You should really clear it properly with the system maintenance switch on the motherboard, normally switch 6.

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