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Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
Gurpreet Singh Randhawa used Ask the Experts™
Hi experts! i need your advice!

i wanna purchase internet security suite for my Windows 7 Ultimate Edition! But i want such that

1. It should not take too much resources of my system
2. Should be excellant in detection rate
3. Should not ask for any extra security just like zone alarm too. It blocks everything.

Please advice me as i need your help guys to get a good internet security suite

which includes anti virus and internet security in all

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ESET Smart Security if you want it all in one package.
bbaoIT Consultant

Microsoft Forefront Client Security is highly recommended as it is smoothly integrated with Windows with lower usage of system resources.


Microsoft Forefront Client Security

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I trust the guys at MaximumPC for their comprehensive and nerdological reviews.

Great comparison chart at:

For me, it is Norton Internet Security 2011 that wins. It does it all, has a very low footprint and is not a memory hog in the least.

ESET is also a good bet, but I would go with Norton for "set it and forget it" protection, until it comes time to pay up for a new year.


Symantec, Symantec, and Symantec for Business, or Norton Norton and Norton for private, it's one of the few that actually does protect you 99% of the time as is very reliable and stable
Everybody is giving different view!

Please experts check the last post by madunix

it says that ClaimWin is the best Suite till now

Other reviewes i have checked comes up to nortona, eset and kaspersky

i do not like kaspersky as it have eaten a lot of my system resources previously and sometimes corrupt windows

Well i am thinking of norton or eset or some other ???? please fill this empty Question marks
in my case, i use
@ office  ESET
@ home  Comodo

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