iSCSI storage for ESX

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I'm planning to have a setup of 8 esx/i hosts and would like to implement an iSCSI storage solution composed of 2 Openfiler based SAS raided machines.

Eventually the setup will expand further and I'm considering segregating the storage network.

I'm pretty new to storage solutions so please bear with my silly questions.

1. Would anyone recommend a gigabit switch which is not overkill capable of handling decent throughput?

2. Are there any iSCSI hardware interfaces which would be attached to the ESX hosts and the Openfiler raid storage boxes? If so can you recommend any for reference?

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I use both a Procurve 2810 and a 2910al for my iSCSI traffic between (2) esx hosts and an EMC AX4-5i. Works great. The 2910al is only $1500 at The 2810 is probably around 1k.

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HP used to bundle ProCurve 1400-8G with the MSA2012i, worked a treat and less than $100. Completely dumb unmanaged but who cares if you have a pair of them both dedicated to iSCSI, you can't monitor them directly but VMware will tell you if a SAN path fails.

The 24 port one's about $250 if you expect more hosts. I wouldn't put LAN traffic on them as well as iSCSI as you can't VLAN them.
As far as your second question is concerned, I believe the answer is no... you can use the software initiator on esxi.

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