Comcast Free Norton Antivirus offering

In the past I had Mcafee (paid) until Comcast offered it for free.  It was so horrible that I went out and bought Norton.  Now I happily have Norton and here comes Comcast offering it for free.

My question is: Do any of the experts know if this is the same product Symantec selle? If so, is it equiv to anything like the current security center?  I'm assuming based on my experience with Comcast that it's the lowest grade trash they can buy and offer for free just so they can advertise free antivirus.  
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I agree with your assessment of Comcast and threw them over a couple of years ago.
Based on what their website says, it IS "Norton™ Security Suite and Norton™".

I doubt they would lie about something that is so easily checked, but it is Comcast <smile> so take that with a grain of salt.

Since you like the product, will be able to replace your paid version when your license expires - or post back here for some recommendations on alternatives.

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Can you tell that my day job is not as a proof-reader?

"Norton™ Security Suite"
"Since you like the product, will..."
"Since you like the product, YOU will..."
I have Norton Internet Security Suite 2010, at least what I bought. I got a free upgrade to 2011. Go figure. If this is what Comcast is offering - Internet Security Suite and the 'free' upgrade.... then go for it. I have been in the 'business' for 28 years. When Melissa virus came out, I had McAfee on my network. Fortunately, my network was Novell. Melissa was non-effective on Novell (Groupwise) networks. McAfee did NOT see anything in the email. So I bought Norton (like you) and got everything cleaned up painlessly. Since then..I have been purchasing Norton and avoiding any 'free' products.

You have Comcast, you pay for that service. If your machine becomes infected while using their 'free product', would they not be liable? or is there a disclaimer that goes along with this 'free' download? If there is a disclaimer, then I would say with should continue your purchasing the product. At least that way, you have Symantec to go to for support.
I remember Melissa quite well - and exactly the opposite of you.
It was 0300 Hours when I got the alert from the Storm Center - with the warning that McAfee already had the patch ready, but Norton did not.

I immediately went to work and replaced Norton with McAfee on every server in my networks - except for a remote subnet I couldn't access.

The only systems that were infected were the "Norton Protected" servers. The McAfee "Groupwise" product immediately started finding the infected attachments as soon as the servers re-booted (that Norton was ignoring).

We have several fine Experts here on EE who are quite adept at making Norton/Symantec product work, but I can't imagine any situation in which I would trust Symantec for support.
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