I can send email but nor receive Exchange 2007 on a 2008 server

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We have been getting some delay emails when sending to several domains and I started to troubleshoot and  now I can send but not receive.

I made changes on the receive connectors right before I stop receiving email and I am not sure what setting should be their to make the exchange receive email  screen1ScreenShot002.bmp
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Telnet exchangeip 25
mail from:you@gmail.com
rcpt to:you@yourdomain.com
bla bla bla


see how far you can go and what is the error

Select SMTP inbound test

Or delete your receive connectors and recreate one with 'internet' parameters.
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Check the logs for the incoming side to see what is going on. Presumably you are seeing inbound connections made. I.e. the firewall allows port 25 through and the IP of the server did not change since the firewall rule was put in place.

Do you have a Certificate configured for TLS? Disable the TLS as well as the requirement that TLS has to be established for Authentication. Authentication tab (your second post)

FYI, it would be better if you would in the future instead of posting bitmap images, open the image using mspain and save it as a jpeg and upload that 24-50kb file versus the 2MB each bitmap represents.

Akhater's correct on the test to see if the server is listening, but you have to make the connection attempts from outside your network/LAN. To really experience the same behavior remote clients get.

If you post your domain, we could see what the server offers and possibly explain the issue.

I.e. your server announces that TLS is available.
The remote Server might be configured to try TLS when available and tries to establish such a connection with your server that fails either because the TLS certificate is invalid expired, self generated/signed and is not trusted by the remote server.

Under the permissions tab, your first image, uncheck everything other than anonymous users. Restart the connector and see if messages start flowing.

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You possibly have an issue/misconfiguration on your content filtering side:

This is the error the remote servers likely get when sending an email to your domain:
"550 5.7.1 Message rejected as spam by Content Filtering."


I did not setup this exchange server and as you can see I dont know much about exchange server I am new at this job. but I see several connector receivers as you can see in the image is this normal


I disabled the content filtering for now see if I can start seeing email come in

thanks for all your help


after I disable the content filtering I started to receive email. can anybody tell what are the correct setting for content filtering.
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You do not want to make it as restrictive/aggressive as it was.

You should first test the content filter by disabling the reject/delete options and only use the quarantine option.  I.e. anything above 7 quarantine.
Once you see that there are no valid messages making their way into the quarantine mailbox, you would configure the reject above 7 and quaraneen above 6.
I am unfamiliar with the SCL mechanism/process, but I think the setting you have of 4 or higher for quranteen might be very aggressive.
The main point of my test message was:

Subject: test following post to EE

This is a test to see why your mail server is not accepting messages from external sources.

And I received the reject message.  IF the message was determined by the SCL as 6 or above, I suspect my message would have been accepted and discarded by the content filter.


thanks for your help I am getting better traffic of email

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