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I just purchased an Apple iPod touch, downloaded the Apple iTunes software which is version 10 and installed the software on my Windows 7 pc. I have been using WinAmp v5.58 and have converted all of my cd's with it.
Now with iTunes, when I start it up and select a new folder (500+ songs) in each one, it takes forever to go through and add them. The first message that I see is something about "downloading album artwork" and then it goes on to state "determining gapless playback information"

My WinAmp never does this and works flawlessly BUT it doesn't see my Touch.
Question 1: is there a way to turn off the garbage in iTunes?

Question 2: is there a way to use WinAmp instead of iTunes?

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iTunes will import directories of songs that are new to it a lot faster if you tell it not to COPY the songs, but to just index them.  You can do that by going to Edit/Preferences/Advanced and unchecking "Keep iTunes media folder organized" and "copy files into itunes media folder when adding to library."

And, that way, you won't have duplicates of each song -- one in the iTunes folder and the other in whatever folder it had been in prior to being imported into iTunes.


Hi there, I don't have those preferences checked.
I deleted the itunes directory (folder redirected onto a share on my server), restarted itunes program and changed the location of the itunes folder to a folder on the local C: drive. I then added in a folder of music (about 100 songs) and right now, it is going through those files and it is "Processing album artwork"
Very annoying
Aha. Yep, it would take even longer if those options WERE checked.
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I have noticed that ceratin third party apps cause problems with iTunes 10 on Windows 7. For instance, I had a user with the WeatherBug app installed on their PC and iTunes would crash repeatedly. Once I removed WeatherBug, iTunes worked fine.


Hello, I was able to get around my problem by copying the directories of songs onto my local computer and then adding the folders as a playlist - much faster. I have a DLink NAS unit (it's a piece of junk as far as I'm concerned but it gives me RAID 1 on the network with terabyte drives) and that is where my music is stored. I also copied a gig of songs onto the server drive and did the same thing and it was also quite fast. The problem is with the DLink. That unit is going to be pulled (and used for road tracktion in the winter) as soon as I can get some new terabyte drives.


problem resolved
If you had mentioned that the music was stored on a NAS, I think we would've figured out pretty quickly that that was the cause of the speed problems!   Woe to the individual who tries to stream high def video off a NAS, that's for sure.

I stream my entire iTunes library wirelessly to an AppleTV from a Drobo S connected to a Mac Mini running OS X Server 10.6 via firewire and do not see any performance problems.
I suggested there'd be performance problems with streaming Hi def video, not music. And copying files will be slow compared to a non-NAS unit...  But I don't think I suggested there'd be problems streaming music.

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