Windows 2003 Server - DHCP and DNS out of sync.

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One of my assistants tried to remote into a client's machine yesterday use the client's FQDN.  He struck out.  He then hopped into the DHCP console found her laptop's dynamic IP and used it successfully.  When he later checked her A record in DNS, he found it to be incorrect.  

He manually changed the A record in DNS and was then able to remote in using her FQDN as well.

1) Is the manual change in DNS dangerous?  Isn't DHCP supposed to be doing that?
2) More importantly, the disparity between DHCP and DNS is a concern.  Where should I start looking to find the cause for this?
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Its necessary that you have to set  the DHCP server to automatically update authoritative DNS servers with the host A and pointer PTR record of DHCP client.
Surely you can create A record manually..not an issue.
For set this automatic update..Open DHCP the scope..right the DNS tab...and select always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records.
Hope this helps you."Good Luck"
this problem could happend when the specified user in DHCP that is used to auto update dns is disabled or password expired/incorrect
check the setting for the user, if it is ok , everything should go fine
on DHCP management, right click and select propeities, advanced, credintals
good luck
DHCP should do dynamic DNS updates if it is configured properly. I would also recommend enabling DNS scavenging on one of your DNS servers. here are some links to help you out. I would delete the record that was manually updated and have the client re-register that record to.


Thanks for the great feedback.

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