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Hi is it possible to combine SharePoint 2010 Enterprise for internet users with Sharepoint 2010 Foundation servers ? I want to use the enterprise licence for application server to run services such as (infopath, excel, performancepoint...) and the foundation use for webfrontends.
Is it legal to do it such combination ?
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if the licencing model is "user" and not processor then you can't,
becuase licence is based on how many end users (indevisuals) are interacting with sharepoint services, just like sql-server when you have a single user used by the application to access the server while there is many users accessing that application, so you count the end user,


Ok.So when I put in the farm Windows 2008 R2 Web server (this edition has unlimited cals) on the front end with SharePoint Foundation 2010 and on the backend SharePoint 2010 Enterprise internet edition with form authentification and SQL server with procesor license it would work ??

I think you will find the answer here
from which I understand there is no differince, but I think if you can access enterprise features with your suggested deployment then you can assume it is Ok :)
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Sorry its not working. I have tried to install it but the combination of foundation and enterprise version is not possible :(

that means MS is really prepared for someone like you :)
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