Installing Windows 7 on Netbook - Required CD/DVD driver is missing

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Hello experts.
I search the web for this subject already, read tons of posts about this problem, but any of those posts were good enought to solve this problem. I just can't understand why things like this still happen...
The "simple" task is installing multiple OS in a standard netbook. As you may know, the computer doesn't have a CD\DVD driver. I don't have an external driver, so it should as simple as preparing a bootable USB pendrive with the OS setup, right?
I did it and tried to install Windows 7 Professional first. Suddenly I got this fantastic message saying that a required cd/dvd driver is missing, so I could not complete the setup without that drive.
So the journey started... I googled for this message and found a lot of posts talking abou similar problems. I tried all the solutions I found:
- Changed the BIOS configuration
- Updated BIOS
- CHanged the boot order
- Injected drivers in the win7 iso

No success!
ALL I want is having this little computer running with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10!!!
Nothing more!
Could any "genius-angel" come down from the skies and help me solve this problem??
Thanks a lot!
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it should work from a usb pen where does it ask for the cd during setup?


When W7 setup starts, I click Install Now button and the message comes up.

Did you select to download updates (first) before the install went forward? Who is the manufacturer for the netbook? If it's Dell, its worth the $12.40 from Amazon ( Heck, this would work on Asus.

So the question is, what is your external drive (CD/DVD)?
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There is no way to download updates since the netbook has no OS installed. I'm booting from the pendrive and trying to proceed with a fresh w7 setup...
I don't have and external CD/DVD.
Changing the boot order would have been my first suggestion.

Please try the following:


Hi guys.
After hours of research with no success I decided to try a non-elegant solution for this problem:
I installed Windows XP first and then copied the windows 7 files to the HD and setup W7 from there.
The setup was sucessful and all I had to do after was deleting the XP files from the HD and start the Ubuntu setup using a prepared pendrive.
I still cannot understand why the XP setup was ok and W7 was not... WHat is MS doing?
Thanks everybody for trying to help.
Easy way - go to bios some times you will see option for USB: Emulate CD, floppy, zip
- choose CD/DVD
- check that you copy everything to USB,
- check USB file system, if it's FAT xxx - this may be a problem for Win 7 installation, try to made HPFS/NTFS USB.

Boot from your USB,
- copy installation on HDD
- make HDD - dos bootable  
- reboot and try to setup ( or just try to install without reboot after copy)

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