Setting up user group in Windows Domain Controller

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I am new to setting up user group in domain controller.  Can anyone give me a jumpstart what is required to do and how to organize the user group (flat or hierarchy) structure?
I might have as much as 100 user groups and 200 users
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Create an OU (Organizational Unit) structure that is logical for your company. For example; at the top level you might want to the OU yourcompanyname Users, under that you might create OU's like Windows_7 and XP_SP3, under that you might want to create OU's like department1 and department2 an so on.
A lot of how you organize your groups depends on your personal preferances and how your company is structured. I can tell you how I do it to get you started. I like to have groups for job titles and then I place the appropriate username in the group corresponding to job title. I also create groups for departments and then place the corresponding job titles in departments.

username --> job title (group) --> department

I do it like this so permissions on file shares and other resources don't have to be changed when there's turnover. All that would need to happen, would be adding the new user to the correct job title.
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I would suggest to use OU as location and departments for GPO management. Create Sub OUs for users, computers and groups.
Then read this article about groups structure

and try to implement it for your scenario :)

If you have any question just let me know.




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