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Hi experts, I am attaching 2 files
1. Shows the result of a table
2. Shows the result of a query
I do not understand this code
InvoiceList / Invoice ') = 1

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It's called XPath (http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/) and it's a means of selecting nodes within an Xml document. Think of it much the same way you type in directory paths at the command line--you start at some root directory (root node) and traverse deeper into the directory heirarchy (subdirectories). In your code, the command says to select the Invoice node which is found under the InvoiceList node.

As far as the exist() method, it is specific to SQL Server and XQuery. The exist() method returns 1 if the node described by the specified XPath can be found; otherwise zero (0) is returned. Your overall query will return the StoreName only where the XML column contains a node like:
        [Some Data]

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