Convert a result set array to a result set object in PHP / Doctrine / ORM

I have a complicated SQL function that I can't seem to write in DQL (Doctrine's Query Language).  Unfortunately the only way to get a result set from raw SQL in Doctrine only produces a result set as an array.  My view uses an object, which is easier to iterate though, plus I don't have to go into the code and change all the objects to arrays.  

Is there a way in Doctrine or PHP to convert the array to an object result set?  

I could do it manually with a for loop and a stdClass, but I was hoping there was something more robust.  Perhaps it can be done in Doctrine, but I can't find anywhere in the API a way to get the result set as an object except by using DQL ,which is terrible for nested queries.
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jpking72Author Commented:
I saw that actually but it doesn't work in Zend Framework.  It's looking for some sort of iterator I think.  I ended up just changing my view to arrays.  I guess that's the way it is if you're using raw PHP anyway.  What I should do is write a function that does that in Zend.
Sorry for not being able to help You with my previous post.

jpking72Author Commented:
Hey, I'll give you the points anyway.  After all, what you gave is actually a correct answer.
Thanks for the points. I appreciate Your attitude.

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