MS SQL Server Access behind sonicwall

I can't access SQL Server from behind a sonicwall tz190.  I've tried opening the appropriate ports.  Anyone successful with this?
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I'm not sure what ports you're opening or version of SQL.  Here is a link for the ports used by SQL 2000.

How did you open the ports?  Did you use the public server wizard?  are you running the enhanced or standard version of the sonicwall?  login to the sonicwall and go to System > Status.  on the right, it should indicate which.
cjrbusAuthor Commented:
This is SQL Server 2008... I will take a look at these tomorrow when I have access to the router.
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DBAduck - Ben MillerPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
UDP 1434 and the Port number of the SQL Server.

Go into SQL Configuration Manager and look at the TCP protocol and double click into it.  Then open the IP Address and look down at the bottom for IPAll.

The port number is there.  If it is a default instance (accessing it by only MACHINENAME) then it is most likely 1433 TCP.  Otherwise, if it is a named instance (MACHINE\INSTANCE) then by default it uses dynamic ports, which means that it is good for today, but it could change when rebooted.

So the best bet if you are going to get to it through a firewall, you would want to specify a static port that would not change.  Then put that TCP port in the firewall to allow it.
cjrbusAuthor Commented:
Does the computer making the call the the external SQL Server need DNS setting configured?  This is really confusing because the person who set up this router put the computers in question on the DMZ.
OK...that makes a lot more sense.  i was wondering if the DMZ was part of this.  why is the computer part of the DMZ?  i would think that if the DMZ host is accessing the database with the SA account, then you should only need to reference via IP.  however, if using Domain credentials, I would think it would need to have access to a domain controller within the LAN.  that type of connectivity would require DNS to resolve properly...that's my theory anyway.
DBAduck - Ben MillerPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Typically the servers in the DMZ would not be part of the domain because they are in the DMZ.

So I would think to connect via the IP address only instead of worrying about name resolution.  Are you using a SQL Login or a Windows Login to get to the SQL Server from this machine in the DMZ?
cjrbusAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks for all your help... I think one of the things missing was the gateway wan't set of the computer making the sql call.  Pretty simple.  Its crazy this problem has been outstanding for like a month.

Thanks all,


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sure...glad it was an easy fix and thanks for the points!
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