Sharepoint - the best tool for central document storage?

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I have a client who wants between his small handful of staff a way of easily centralising documents etc.
They currently have a hosted exchange product from Intermedia which also offers share point services 3.
However when I have tried his I have not found this an easy product to use. I find it clunky and have not worked out yet for example how I could save a document from Word 2007 directly to the Shared workspace.

It just seems very overly complicated and not easy for novice users.

What other options are there out there for centralised document management that real non techies can use.

Maybe I am missing something with SharePoint? Is there an easy way to set it up that from the Word document you can just save directly  to a shared area without having to save and then manually upload ?

Are there other solutions available that achieve this type of working and are popular?
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I guess you need to try integration SharePoint with Documentum.  Where Documentum will manage you documents and sharepoint as a front-end will help you to edit and modify them.
You need to add your SharePoint Workspace as a Network location.  
Click Start > Computer > right click > Add Network Location > Next > Choose a custom network location > Next
at the specifiy the locaton of your website add the url of your sharepoint workspace > next > give a friendly name
Now when in word or other office document when you do a save as you select expand computer and that location will be there.  click on it then select the document libary that you will want to use to save your document.
You could also just browse to your sharepoint document library and select new from within the document library and it should open word.  But you can add other content types as well, such as excel, powerpoint.  Then the appropriate application will open, you create your document and then just hit save!  And it will be saved to that document library!
Greg BessoIT Solutions Engineer
If you still have the SharePoint environment up and running, give the Blog workspace a try.
I find this the best template that provides all the functionality of WSS, including the one you mention: publishing directly from Microsoft Word to the SharePoint.
You can save SharePoint workspaces into your Favorites and access them from within Office 2007/2010's File > Save screens.
Or you can type in the URL and then it will load and display the document libraries/subsites.
But also, you can publish your word documents as Blog posts, which removes the need to even open the files at all in order to view them. Useful for some applications.
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OK I've tested what peralisa has said and that seems to work (not tested in detail yet)
so does this mean that anything dragged to that folder is also available to everyone on the system and granted permission from outlook too?

Also is this system cross platform. So can mac and other different device users still easily get access to the same documents.

Greg BessoIT Solutions Engineer

it sounds like you are using the Explorer view to access the documents. If you drag/drop into there, yes the file is immediately uploaded and availabe through SharePoint based on security, versioning/approval settings, etc.
Other clients may not have the same flexibility such as WebDAV access, but can connect via Browser. IE is the most compatible one, but with 2010 the other non-Windows browsers have just about identical capability.


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