Openswan error: Non-fips mode set in /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled

Server: Linux CentOS 5.x 32-bit

Installed OpenSwan, currently in testing phase, when starting or restarting the ipsec service (service ipsec start/restart), I receive this error:

/usr/libexec/ipsec/addconn Non-fips mode set in /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled

Actually, it seems to be just a warning, but still annoying and would like to know how to resolve it. Openswan is version 2.6.21 and installed from RPM. I have found mentions of the same problem via Google but no solution.
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tomfraAuthor Commented:
Actually, I did read check those 2 webs before, together with a few others and while the same error/warning is indeed mentioned in there, there is no solution or explanation of it, unless I missed it.
tomfraAuthor Commented:
The problem is fixed in OpenSwan 2.6.26 so it's probably an OpenSwan bug. For anyone reading this - do *NOT* use the version 2.6.21 that is stil as of October 17 2010 in the CentOS 5 repository. It has a NAT problem I can confirm: see

I used the 2.6.26 RPM for CentOS which is available on the OpenSwan website and it seems to be working OK now... sort of, but that's just a matter of some finetuning.

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