BlueScreen With My Windows 7 -- Why? What Happened?

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Hello. I need your help. I am running Microsoft Windows 7. I had my system “Shut down unexpectedly” problem once. I can see in my Windows 7 Pro’s Reliability Monitor. It was a BlueScreen issue and the system automatically rebooted. I would like to know what happened. There is nothing obvious to detect. When the system rebooted, and I never got the logon screen, the BSOD occurred and the system reboot successfully.  This is some of the information:

Problem signature
Problem Event Name:      BlueScreen
OS Version:      6.1.7600.
Locale ID:      1033

Extra information about the problem
BCCode:      1000008e
BCP1:      C0000046
BCP2:      82C878F8
BCP3:      9E9D10C8
BCP4:      00000000
OS Version:      6_1_7600
Service Pack:      0_0
Product:      256_1
Bucket ID:      0x8E_ULCDRHlp+313c
Server information:      786aa7ed-19dc-4713-b484-33d4469c4900

Please reply with possible reasons and solutions.
Thank you!!!
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That is a problem with your burning software. I would try uninstalling and reinstalling.
If your Win7 installation is an upgrade from another OS this may be an incompatible software package.



Thank you for your reply. How can you tell it is the burning software? Actually I have a few different burning software's installed. Can you tell me not only how you know it is burning software, but what is the name of it (Is that possible?) or how I can locate it if it requires some manual work to find it from what you know here?

The Windows 7 install was a clean install.

Please reply.

Thank you!
ULCDRHlp.sys is the driver for ULead, I did a little research and it appears that ULead has problems working in 64-bit
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If you have other burning software just uninstall ULead, it is part of your Corel suite.


Thanks for your work.

Ah, yes I do have Ulead.Burn.Now 4.5 SE Installed. Hmmm... ...issues with Ulead. Okay, I have had issues with it before. I have used "Troubleshoot Compatibility" before on this and set it to work with Windows XP SP2. I thought I got it to work with Windows 7. I see there are still issues. I hate to lose it. I know Ulead software was taken over my Corel some time ago. So any Ulead software as for as I know really is not compatible with Windows 7. Any ideas on how to over come this?

Second, please share with me how you knew it was not only this type of program but this program specifically, please tell me the steps. Please.

Please reply.

Thank you!      
I have had to remove ULead from a couple computers in the shop. I thought I recognized the info you posted from the minidump. I googled it and that refreshed my aging memory. No magic involved LOL.
NerdsOfTechTechnology Scientist

Remove it and replace it with a newer version or install a competitor software such as Nero


Hello. Thank you for your replies. Time to close this question since I am not getting any more BSOD issues since (I was waiting to see.), but I STILL HAVE Ulead installed. I was going to uninstall it, but wanted to see if I got any more BSOD issues leaving it in. Answer: I have not, but I do agree looking at my first post "Bucket ID" that this is the cause. So I will award the correct answer for the first who found it here.

If I do get another BSOD again with this same Problem Signature, I WILL uninstall it THEN.

Again, thank you all!!!


Thank you!

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