Remote Desktop Session jump into Ctrl-Alt-Del screen when Full Stop / Del key is pressed

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G day everyone,

This is an odd case and I will do my best to explain it in words...

A Server with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Remote Desktop Services are setup so my customer can use the Remote Desktop Connection to access MYOB Enterprises through their Windows XP PC with Service Pack 3 installed.

Every so often when the Full Stop / DEL key on the numeric keypad is pressed, the remote desktop session will jump into the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen. There’s no other options but to click Cancel to end the session. Luckily when the customer is logged back into the remote desktop connection, the session remains and she can continue where she was kicked off.

However if we Restart the Server, it will run normal for about a week and the problem comes back again.

Hope this make sense and I would appreciated if anyone can offer a solution to my question.

Thank you in advance
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ALT GR (right alt) + Delete also acts like ctrl+alt+delete - make sure right alt isn't stuck down, but if it also happens with the period key i reckon she's spilt something on her keyboard and needs a new one


Thanks Emredrum76

I will try that new keyboard trick and hopefully it will to the trick.

It may be sometime before I can post the result here as my customer will need to try it out over a short period.

Either way...thank you in advance


Thanks Emredrum76, but the new keyboard was not the solution
I've installed and support numerous RDS environments under Server Standard 2008 R2, and ALL of them experience this problem from time to time.

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