Dell EQL SAN running with 3 Hyper-V hosts...did not install Host Integration Tools...want to now

I have three Hyper-V host nodes running in production with a Dell Equallogic iSCSI SAN for storage.  All host nodes are running Server 2008 ENT R2 CORE.  I never installed the Host Integration Tools.  I setup MPIO via iSCSI Initiator and everything has been working perfectly.  At this point I'm implementing DPM 2010 and looking further into Hardware VSS drivers.  Researching this I'm finding that I possibly should have installed Host Integration Tools to "properly" configure the hosts for optimal performance.  Is that correct?  At this point, with everything configured, how do I go about installing those tools and taking advantage of the MPIO and VSS features?
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To the best of my knowledge Windows Server 2008 R2 come with Integration Services installed. More info on that here.

Just to be sure you can run follow this article under section "Determining the integration services version", you will find way to find out the integration services version using regedit. You have can run regedit on your core VMs.

chome81Author Commented:
That's a totally different host integration "services"...I'm talking about Host Integration Tools that is a Dell Equallogic Software package.  You're speaking of the hyper-v tools that you install on a VM, which yes, does come with Windows Server 2008 so there's no need to install.
chome81Author Commented:
Also, these are my Hyper-V hosts, not VM's, just to reiterate.
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kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer Commented:
Just go ahead and install the latest HIT Kit 3.4.2. on each host. I think that the MPIO will require a reboot of the host to completely install, so do a rolling upgrade of each server one at a time and Live Migrate the VMs off before you reboot. You will need to run C:\Program Files\EqualLogic\bin\RemoteSetupWiz.exe twice. Once to establish the connectivity to the SAN for snapshot coordination, and once more to configure MPIO.
If you have any questions, I would contact EqualLogic support.
chome81Author Commented:
Thanks.  I'll definitely call before taking action.  Do you know if it will do any damage to my existing config of iSCSI, MPIO, LUN's, etc?
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer Commented:
Should be fine. I usually install HIT before doing the configuration, but I have done plenty of upgrades without any issue, and EqualLogic has said that I can just uninstall the HIT for an issue, so I think that it's pretty low risk. If you are worried about it, migrate all of your VMs off before you do the install.

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chome81Author Commented:
10-4.  Thanks for the info!
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