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I have an website that was hosted at company #1 and was working great (even the flv video player). I moved the website to GoDaddy hosting. Now the flv files do not play. Anything I have to do special to get it to work? Thx
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1. Make sure the path for the flash file correct
2. Make sure type mime-type for Flash is added in IIS. Ask GoDaddy representative about this. ( There's a good chance they'll already have this set up, but doesn't hurt to confirm.


What is the size of your FLV files? Try with small files having size less than 1 MB just to make sure that the file size is not a problem. Also check the permissions on your flv files. I once faced similar problem and it was related to the size of flv files.

Also try to open the flv file directly in the web browser using a url like: (change the url according to your website and folder where you saved the files)
If you can access file like this, It will make sure that the file is located at desired location.
The FLV mime-type is supported by GoDaddy (, but I agree with nmarun -- check to make sure the directory path is correct.

I've also found with Flash files sometimes it's better to have an absolute path (the full http:// address) than a relative one.
Go Daddy is a TERRIFIC domain registrar -- but alas a TERRIBLE Web hosting company.

They have all sorts of proprietary blocks on content, even Email limitations.  If the site worked on standard web hosting, it is almost certainly GoDaddy limitations that are the problem.

Look into -- they are cheaper than go daddy, and have perfectly normal web hosting.

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