Write the commands to display all of the lines in file networkProposal that begain wit hte string in "in the world. WINDOWS has many"

Wouldn't it be something like this

grep “in the world. WINDOWS has many” -n networkProposal

this is the Windows operating
system.  And in the opinion 
of many,  one of the best

in the world.  WINDOWS has many 
capabilities that an enterprize requires.

It will even clean your windows.
Will wonders ever cease.

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Use the ^ symbol to specify the beginning of the line

For example if file.txt has

The dog and the cat.
the cat is grey

grep "the cat" file.txt

would match both lines, whereas

grep "^the cat" file.txt

would only match the line beginning with "the cat".
For your exact example, the code would be:

grep "^in the world.  WINDOWS has many" -n networkProposal

I notice though, you have 2 spaces between "world." and "WINDOWS" which could make you return no results if the spaces change. To account for that, use the *[[:space:]] to select all strings no matter how many or how few whitespaces exist between world. and WINDOWS.

grep "^in the world.*[[:space:]]WINDOWS has many" -n networkProposal

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