I lost my SBS 2008 Std Edition disk and i need to do a disaster recovery right now!

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I have no idea where my SBS 2008 Standard edition disk went and I went online to find a download, but i can only find a trial to SBS premium trial. I am downloading this right now and i am hoping it will work but so far i have been waiting for 3 hours for it to download and i still have an hour left for it to finish.

I need a contingency plan in the event that premium won't allow me to recover my SBS 2008 Standard edition from a backup.

Any ideas on where i can get a trial of SBS 2008 standard??

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As far as I understand there is no difference in content between 2008 standard and premium.  The premium version includes a license to use the operating system on an additional machine plus a copy of SQL Server.

So your download should be fine except it will contain a copy of the SQL Server installer, that you won't be licensed to use.
After double checking my facts, it actually contains everything in standard plus a copy of Windows Server 2008 Standard and a copy of SQL Server 2008 Standard for Small Business.

So your premium download will be bigger than the standard but the actual SBS 2008 disc (which is what you are after) will be identical.


It worked out just fine. I managed to recover from my backup that i made in SBS console.


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