WCF client with basichttpBinding & windows authentication

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Hi Everybody,
I am pretty new to WCF and writing my first web service in which I am finding some difficulty.
I am hosting wcf web service on IIS with basicHttpBinding and windows authentication .. It is working very well. whenever I hit the web service URL  , I am asked to enter windows username password for verification which is perfectly fine..
Now I would like to send this web service URL to client so that he can consume it via adding web reference  but I am not sure how would it work at client's end ? Do i need to give him windows credential to use web service ? If this is the case then i would not be happy to give client production server's credential ..
can you please guide me how exactly this authentication work  ? or what are the other options do i have ?

Thank you,
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There are different types of security for different scenarios.

You will probably have to implement some sort of Membership so that clients will have a user name and password.

Here is a very good document which I use for security on WCF

Let me know how you get on




Hi Darren,

Thanks for your help. that document is very useful .. I have decided to create least privilege user account for the client as mentioned in the document and continue with windows authentication on basichttpbinding due to time limitation of the project..


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