There was a problem sending the command to the program Solution

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I get the following error message when I attempt to access any www website using IE 8,

Error message:

There was a problem sending the command to the program

What works?

ftp site url works
Yahoo messager works
pinging websites from the command line works
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so your dns is ok, pings are ok.

Could you give us more Information plz:

OS, Active Firewall, Active Antivirus Programms?

1)Try to disable them, then try (including WindowsFirewall)
2) Boot to Windows safe mode, try
3)  Look at open TCP and UDP Endpoints with TWCView  to check for Malware
4) Try Antimalware / Rootkitsoftware, eg.:

Let us know what goes on


Yes DNS, seems to work because pinging "ping" works
Yes wind, I tried disabling the firewall and the problem continues.
This sounds like a DDE error.  Not sure why IE8 on Win7 would be using DDE, though perhaps that is the problem.

Have you got any other browsers installed, and is IE8 the default browser?  Also do you have any 3rd party firewalls installed, such as ZoneAlarm?
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I also have google Chrome installed and the problem takes place with it also although it does not give any error messages.

I don't have ZoneAlarm install

Is there a way to pinpoint this problem?
Try 'taking ownership"

There can be several reasons Windows 7 acts this way, but it boils down  to a security issue within Windows 7 between admin, and user rights


Emredrum76, what do you mean try taking ownership? Do you mean try taking ownership of the iexplorer file? Because the application I am having problems with is with IE
Forgive me, as I gave you a link to a file ownership link.  Try this one.  

I am working along the lines of a permission issue.  Even if you are the admin, do try this approach.
Did you check the proxy Settings?
Do other browsers work?
Are there same problems while booting to safe mode (press F8 during startup, enter safe mode with networking)



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