XP Pro will not finish install wat should i do

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I tryed 3 times to install pro. i have install xp on two other compuers i have with no problem.
its is just this dell dimenson 2400 that is giving me problems. i swapped out hard drives changed the ram my only solution to this problem is to swap out the mother board any suggwstions?
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Did you try another CD ROM?

Where is it failing? Any error message?
Does it stop with 35 minutes left ?
See above if it does. Seems like MBR / device error. Try resetting your BIOS to defaults.
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              Yes i tried a different cd-rom.But it is currently failing @
                                          Paste In Web Browser

But i cant say exactly the time it had haulted but when it does the system shuts down.
the power light turns orange forcing a cold shut down to restart.  
I would suggest You checking in what mode the hard drive is working. Sometimes it makes sense when trying to install Microsoft Windows XP operating system. In other case check Your hard drive for errors

I would check the bios version, if it's not the latest I would update the bios and then try again.

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Yes I would definatly think this is bios related.  Have a look if there is any setting for hdd/sata emulation or similar in the bios and try changing the setting from what it is currently set to


it works

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