Image deskew / perspective correction software?

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I was wondering if there is software available that will correct perspective / rotation etc of images of documents taken with a digital camera? I have a conventional scanner, but it's very slow and will take a long time to scan all of my documents. If there is software available to clean up digital photos of documents, this would be a lot quicker!

Any ideas?
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I'm aware of 3 programs. They are oriented for processing of scanned images from flatbed scanner, but  will work with images from digital camera too.

1. Commercial - Book Restorer

2. Free - Scan Tailor

3. Free - Scan Kromsator

Latest version is here:

Documentation for latest version is in Russian only. Documentation in english for version 5.6 is here:

Adobe Photoshop from version 7 provide this function but is usually used with photos.
Look here for a tutorial: 
However consider the time you spend to correct every image.
Maybe you can go and find a service bureau that provide scan service and digital archiving.

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Kofax virtual ReScan -



Thanks for the replies. These seem to offer partial solutions, however do not seem to be targeted at digital camera image acquisition. Perspective correction is really important when capturing from camera, and I can't see that any of these apps have this feature?

I found an iPhone app that does everything that I need (perspective correction, edge detection etc), is there something similar in a windows desktop app?
There is a free online image editor that is very good. I don't believe it will remain free for long. If it does I will be surprised. Go to It has several editors available and they are all pretty good. I remember using the tool, but I don't remember which editor it was. I think it was the Image Editor, or Phoenix.

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