Lowercase in MS WORD 2003 FindReplace dialog

How to replace in MS Word 2003 caps characters to lowercase and vice versa in FindReplace dialog? I'm able to find this character by using [A-Z], but I don't know what to put in Replace edit box to change the character.  
Examle sentence:  "How to chAnge caPs charaCters to loWercasE only insiDe the words ?"

FIND: [a-z][A-Z][a-z]     - returns A P C W D,   not H E,   it's OK.
REPLACE:  i don't know ?????

Is it possible in MS Word2003 to create style with all lowercase characters ? than I could use it as a new replace style.
Or increase ASCII value by 32 (e.g. A[65] to a[97] ?
Or it's impossible to do it in Word ReplaceDialog and only way is to use VB macro ?

Thanks for your help.

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Try "Edit", "Select All" (or CTRL-A); "Format", "Change Case", "Sentence
case", "OK".


You may follow the suggestions below:

1. Press Ctrl+F to display the Find tab of the Find and Replace dialog box. (Click here to see a related figure.)
2. Click the More button, if it is available.
3. Set up your wildcard search as you normally would to locate all the words that have the initial caps letter.
4. In the dialog box, make sure you select the Highlight All Items check box.
5. Use the drop-down list under the check box to select Main Document.
6. Click Find All. Word selects all the words that match the pattern you specified in step 2.
7. Press Esc to get rid of the Find and Replace dialog box. Your words should all still be selected.
8. Press Shift+F3 as many times as necessary to get the capitalization the way you want it for the selected words.

I posted the link as reference.



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oscoscAuthor Commented:
Hello Ed,

your soluton is possible but I have no option to skip letter which I don't want to change. It chnages all in one step (SHITF+F3) like ReplaceAll. I would need to have the same options like Replace and FindNext buttons in ReplaceDialog box(CTRL+H).
So the question is - Does exist some regular expression or command like in visual basic LCase(string), which I could insert in ReplaceWith edit box in Replace dialog box? Something like LCase(^&).
Or only way is macro in Visual Basic ?


Do the Find as described in your original post. When you have found the first instance, press Esc to close the dialog (the first found instance will still be selected). If you want to replace the found letter with its lower case equivalent, press Shift+F3. Then press Ctrl+PgDn to move to the next instance. If you want to convert, press Shift+F3. Or don't. Then press Ctrl+PgDn again, etc....

If you need to manually decide whether or not to convert a character, then you will have to have some way to tell this to the machine. Without a macro, this is probably the most efficient way.
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