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Hi Experts,
 Except in Firefox, no websites open in any of the 4 browsers: IE, chrome, opera & safari. This happens in my laptop only.

When i run IPCONFIG Command,  i am getting the following result (see IPCONFIG image)

When i run the same command in my desktop, where all sites open in all browsers, i see only the three lines: IPv4 Address, Subnet mask & default gateway from the attached IPCONFIG image (of course the numbers are different). Could that difference be a problem?

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Check your proxy, on IE7+8:

   1.   Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.
  2.      Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
   3.      Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN settings.
   4.     Select the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.  
 5.    In the Address box, type the address of the proxy server.
   6.      In the Port box, type the port number.
         If your network requires separate proxy addresses for different services, such as HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP, click the Advanced button, and then type the individual proxy server addresses to use.


or, if you don't have to use a proxy, just deselect the option.

Doublecheck @ Firefox Proxy Settings:
Click on the Advanced category.
Click on Network tab.
Click Settings under Connection.
Check Manual proxy configuration.

Check if ther is a proxy defined, if yes - use it in IE, if not, delete it in IE

First , unless you actually need to use IPv6, remove it from your network card options.

It sounds like FF is autodetecting your settings.

IPv4 is you IP address.  Subnet mask can usually be ignored.  Default gateway is usually the IP address of the device (usually modem/router) that provides your internet connection.

See how removing IPv6 goes, and then , you can look at perhaps adding some settings to your internet options. connections and see if IE has some settings in the LAN settings causing it to look elsewhere.


@windl: Does your settings apply to Other browsers as well, as the website is not opening up in other browsers as well?
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"i see only the three lines: IPv4 Address"

Remove IPv6 and see if it fixes.    Navigate to network connections, Right Click, Choose Properties, Look down the list of protocols and remove IPv6.

If windl suggestion fixed one of your browsers, then repeat the fix in each one that is not working.
Sry my answer did assume a lot of things, cause of missing information:

1) Whats your Scenario / network? 2 Computers connected by LAN Cable to a DSL router? Or Laptop with WLAN? Where do you get your IP Adresses? DHCP / manually?
The clue will be to have correct IP Parameters. The same gateway / subnet / DNS entries in both devices, But different IP Adresses of the same range.


Gateway: (lets assume this is router IP)
DNS:     (in cases, where router acts as DNS Proxy)
or external DNS: IP Adress from Provider

on 2nd PC:
Subnetmask:  (same as PC1)
Gateway: (same as PC1)
DNS:      (same as PC1)
or external DNS: IP Adress from Provider

With PC1 make some tests:
enter commandline
test connectivity with ping on PC1

This should work, if not you have a more basic problem on laptop:
e.g. your laptop does not receive a correct IP adress, because of missing cable, missing WLAN properties of your router, static (correct) entries - but from a false network (e.g. at work, when you try to connect at home)

Its a good idea of my collegues, to remove IPv6, but not the solution
What we have not said is, the information that you have blanked out, is actually the useful information.

If you could paste the results of an ipconfig for both machines, showing the IP's , we would have a better idea of what settings are at play.  The screenshot provided is actually not of much use.


@windl: My configuration is such that my desktop pc (win xp sp2) is connected to Wireless Modem, and my laptop (win 7 HP x64) is also connected to WLAN (connected wireless). The problem exists in my laptop ONLY. In my PC, there is no problem of accessing internet from any browser.

In my laptop, i am able to access only from Mozilla Firefox

Plus  from your first comment, no proxy settings have been enabled in mozilla firefox browser. Hence i have not enabled in IE.

Please help.

The problem seems too serious and different! :-(


My configuration is such that my desktop pc (win xp sp2) is connected to Wireless Modem, - Via LAN or USB?  What is the IP address, what is the Subnet, What is the Gateway, What is the DNS

My laptop (win 7 HP x64) is also connected to WLAN (connected wireless) - What is the IP address, what is the Subnet, What is the Gateway, What is the DNS

Per my last post. Please post ipconfig information that contains values to compare.  


Needed Information

1. Desktop (where everything is OK)

Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

2. Laptop (the actual problem)

Link local IPV6 address: fe80::2423:5dac:b8af:719c%13
IPv 4 Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Plus i am not getting from where to remove IPV6 settings in Win 7. could somebody please guide me?

On the machine that has the issues.  enter into the address bar.  Does it take you to google?  What exactly is the error message from the browser when you try to got to
Temporary and Permanent removal instructions here: 

I would go for permanent.  IPv6 is not overly implemented at the moment, and one of its quirks is how it displays localhost or  I just like to have it out of the way.


@Emredrum76: Yes it takes me to, but only in Mozilla Firefox (where net is running perfect) and not in IE or chrome (where none of the sites are being opened up)
It also seems an error in the howto:  the The Dword shouldn’t be set to 0, it should be set to FF or FFFFFFFF .

Microsoft seems to have a fix-it link also to do the tasks
Have you tried restoring the IE settings in your browser ?
Open Internet Options > Advanced > Restore advanced settings

My friend encountered the same problem once and we fixed it by restoring the advance settings.


@Emredrum76: Thanks i have disabled IPv6 (as seen in image) but that DOES NOT solve the problem, The sites are not being open up in IE and/or Chrome.

@tapukovits: Yes i restore the IE to default settings but no luck

plus when i am updating my antivirus it fails giving the message that No internet connection exists.

Also in attached image, apart from basic IP information, what is the other Tunnel information that is coming up?

Please help!

Thanks for your all comments!

Update:  Chrome uses IE setting for web browsing.  That can explain why both browsers do not work.

A double  check for Internet Explorer first:
Open Internet Explorer, Click Tools menu and then click Internet  options or open Internet options via control panel. In the Internet  Options window, select the Connections tab. In the Connections tab,  click on LAN settings.
In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window, click Advanced and clear any proxy address.

IS something on the Laptop is acting as a proxy.

I would suggest using Malwarebytes to perform a scan on the computer with issues.  Put it on a flashdrive.

Boot in to Windows Safe Mode with networking
Double-click mbam-setup.exe  to start the installation.
Proceed with installation following the  prompts.
Make sure that the following options are checked when you  finish the installation:
Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Once the update is completed, select Perform full scan in the Scanner tab. Select the results if not already and then click “Remove Selected” to delete them. If prompted restart immediately to complete the removal process.


Let me try this and come back in 30 minutes..
If you still have no success, consider trying these steps:  Can you open and download via Firefox items from anti virus websites?  Often malware or a bad virus would block these measures?
Try installing a different AV, such as AVG free , and see if new programs are being blocked also.

The one thing I have neglected to ask about is a firewall on the laptop.  Check all firewalls, windows and others, to make sure you have allowances for these programs.  Somethings blocking the traffic so its either a wall or a proxy in my mind.  
@meispisces - Good luck with you problem,  Here is my last suggestion:

To open a command prompt, click Start and then click Run.
Type  the letters CMD in the OPEN box and press Enter.

Type the following command at the dos prompt and then press ENTER
netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

When you run the reset  command, it rewrites two registry keys that are used by TCP/IP.
This  has the same result as removing and reinstalling the protocol.


Well i am notable to update malwarebytes due to lack of internet connection! (see image)

I scan and 1 object was infected (from c drive only as of now). Removing that infection also didn't solve the problem.

Plus i have installed AVG Free version. I have disabled AVG Firewall as well as my windows firewall was also OFF.

Dont understand how mozilla is running on internet where everything else is not running on it?
( I HAVE cleared the cache of Mozilla)

please help!

Let me know if more info is required.



No Luck :-(

Please comment if you get something which could solve my problem

run the command ipconfig /all and paste back. I want to see if both machines are using the same DNS.  If I find conflicts, then the instuctions here : from the 4th post down seem a good path to try if it is an infection.
Or if you do not feel like doing that, download and run the scan from this app.  Then paste back the two files if infections still occuring.   Someone might spot the infected file if I do not respond.
"Also in attached image, apart from basic IP information, what is the other Tunnel information that is coming up?"

The Tunnel Adapter is from Microsoft. See link below, it might help you disable it. 
If you haven't tried this, please look at this too:
Go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options
Connections > Lan settings
Uncheck "Automatically detect settings"



My RSIT Scan Log is attached.

The Log files shows that Hijack This download failed (thats because Internet is not accessible, although i am writing this from same PC from Firefox)

btw i have alerady installed Hijack this. please guide me what and how to run in Hijack this




@PCableGuy:  I tried your IE Settings configuration that you posted in your last comment. That didn't worked :-(
Just run it, and choose Do a System Scan and Save log file.  Do not make any changes.  If it turns out to be an identified malware issue, we will direct you appropriately to have it corrected.


@Emredrum76: The ipconfig/all command for both- desktop (works) & laptop (problematic) is attached

Please help!


It seems something is stopping things from running on your PC.  There are 4 rkill links.  You might as well start at the bottom and work up.  It might give us a chance to get some updates done..


I run hijack and got the alert. what should i do?

Exit and Right Click hijack this icon and choose "Run as administrator"

Also, this bit wont hurt, change the DNS settings on the laptop via this guide:

We will use google as the DNS just to again, remove a potential issue.  


@Edu76: i will try RKill,i believe all 4 links are the same but with different file format.
Dont we have any tool that could detect trojans other than with inbuilt AV?


My Hijack This log is attached. Please see to it if it can show any problem.



RKill log attached.



I have successfully used Google's DNS, but yet site is not being open up in IE.


@Emredrum76: I am awaiting 'positive' comments.
I am not a malware expert. I dont like the look of the results for Internet Download Manager. Remove that if you dont need it.

Run a free online Virus Scan Panda or Kasperky

If you are still up for trying:  Go here to learn how to disable your AV :

Download Combofix from any of the links below but rename it to <meispisces> before saving it to your desktop. or

Run it, just say yes to what it wants and then paste back.  I might have to refer you to another forum for a conclusive answer on malware if these checks find nothing further.

Thanks for your patience trying out the different approaches.


Why i need to disable AV? Plus my windows defender is not opening up!!
AV will sometimes block the functions of the tools we are trying to use.  It is only so you can run Combofix without it being interferred with.  The pc will reboot once you start it, and you can re-enable AV after the reboot and logs finished.

At least with all these logs, if it is malware, it will have to show up soon and someone will surely identify it.  


ComboFix threw error: Works with Win 2000 and XP.


I guess combofix  is not available for 64 bit OS. Mine is Win 7 Home premium X64.
@meispisces  Time for me to sleep 5:30am here ;)

From here you can evaluate your time options, short of someone else suggesting an alternative.  The whole Malware line may be wrong.

This was an analysis of your hijack this log:

The BAD items are probably safe to remove, Just run hijack this, select those items and then remove.  Use the R0 and  O13 to find them in the list.

The guys here at malwarebyes, the makers of the software, will be able to look for you at the malware side with more expertise.

Follow the steps they have asked for,  Just do it step by step as they have instructed.  They may find nothing but they will check for you.

Lastly .Consider doing a fresh install Win7 on the bad machine, if there is very  little to reload it may be an option.  Reinstalls are my last resort.

Dear meispisces:

You tried a lot, after all it did not entirely solve the problem. I suggest to not lose more time and if you have OS CDs and drivers, make a repair installation if you want to keep data / programms.

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