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Dear all,

Does anyone has suggestions for free MsAccess VBA add-in 's that would ease the development process of a project.
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What do you want ease with? Generally everything? Addins dont think will help you much. There are some to help do things for you.

Depending on what you want to do it might be better to look at code examples. Reason for this is you yourself improve by learning the code or learning how to use it.

this is a good site to learn some of the basics

if you want sample code on a more complex nature, look here Code is classic vb but can be easily adapted to vba, usually with no tweaks

and of course the mvps website with lots of good code examples

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this is a good site for more code examples
and a collection of links to websites offering more here
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems Analyst
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AddIns ... absolutely:

Must Have AddIn:

Good list of Add-Ins:

All time #1 must have AddIn (almost free - pays for itself in first use):

Very cool and free AddIn:

Not specifically AddIn's per se, but all free and off the chart:

And as rocki noted, PetersSoftware has several free tools ... scroll down on the home page to 'Free Downloads:'

More references:

How to create add in:

I find AddIn's very helpful.  I have and use all the ones I listed, as well as having created several of my own.

I'm probably forgetting a few ... I will keep looking ..

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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II'm with rockiroads:  
   <What do you want ease with?>

  "ease the development process of a project." a very broad request.

"Project Development" encompass many different aspects:
Design Requirements
UI Design
Technologies available
Financial constraints

Remember, that if "Free" and "Add-in" are your criterion, ...then you are severely limiting yourself.
Also, MX states, some great developer tools are not free, or even addins at all.

Finally, IMHO, having a seasoned Access developer as a Mentor is the best "Add-in" you can invest in.



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