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Is there some type of appliance or other way of manually restarting a remote server at an unmanned location if the OS has shut down or locked up for some reason? I would guess this would be some type of power recyling and /or perhaps an OS or bios setting that would say to restart upon power restore?
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Most systems at least have a BIOS setting that either says "power on" or "return to last state" upon restoration of power.
More advanced servers have the ability to be managed remotely to power on from a powered-off state.  This typically is referred to has lights-out management, meaning that there is no one at the center to hit the button so the lights are out.
if you want to restart the windows OS you can do it with below command. so you need log in to that machine by RDP and then run this command from Run.

shutdown /r /t 10

which /r is for restarting and /t is time out before restart.

If you want to restart different machine from one of networked computer then try that.

shutdown /r /t 10 /m \\tserver

which by /m you type the name of the computer that you want to restart it.

If the machine is off and you want to turn it on then that machine needs to have wake on lan on the network card and to be on. if the network card is built in you can find the setting on the Bios as you said.

for turn on the machine which the wake on lan is on, you just need to know the mac address of network card and a software which you can find out plenty of then on the web. Or also some of router got wake on lan application which you can login to your router remotely by web console (you need to turn on internet access to your web software of your router which by default is off) and then by type of the mac address of computer you can turn it on.

The final option is using UPS that is connected to the machine by SNMP which is depends on your UPS .
I'd add KVM over IP to this as well, you can even access bios with it.

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