SBS 2008 and WSS 3.0 failure

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I've got a client running SBS 2008 that acts as a file server, SQL server 2005 (used for Lawbase database), Exchange, DNS, DHCP, and WSS 3.0 server.  WSS has failed and become corrupted which is where I entered into the picture.  WSS could not be removed through the normal route and had to be ripped out by the roots using various methods suggested by searches on experts-exchange.  Exchange didn't like it very much as some of the services failed to load initially after the reboot but after messing around with it for a bit I was able to get them running again.  Just for grins I tried un-installing the remnants of WSS using Programs and Features and that worked too, then I was able to reload it again, however this is where the problem comes.  On the second step of the reload where the WSS install tries to create the database and connect to it the credentials fail with the error message that the credentials/permissions are incorrect.  I've tried using the Administrator account and also creating a new account with all the SQL permissions active (although I may be missing some other necessary permissions), created a new database, even installed in Basic mode but no joy.

Searches indicate others have had this problem too in similar situations but I haven't found any solution that works.  I've got two questions; 1)  what else can I try? and 2)  being that this a single point of failure server situation would it be better to buy another server and install WSS 3.0 on it?  I'm unclear on what architecture should be sued from Technet, some discussions I've seen on news groups indicate it's not good to run WSS on the same server as Exchange using SBS 2003 and WSS 2 or 3, is this still the case with SBS 2008, Exchange 2007 and WSS 3.0?
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Sorry no helpfor you about WSS (Not had a problem with it), but just a heads up, if they bought SBS 2008 Premium then it will already come with a Win 2008 licence (So no need to purchase a new licence), and you can run it as a DC as well as putting WSS on it.



Unfortunately the SBS license only allows WSS to be installed on the main SBS box. SBS's reason for being is to do it all on the one box. Enterprise types look askew at this concept because it goes against best practices. But SBS is built from the ground up to accommodate all these functions and operates well if put together and maintained the quirky SBS way.

If it is a SBS 2008 Premium license, you get a "free" copy of Server 2008 Standard and SQL 2008 which can be used on a second box. You could offload your Lawbase database onto this box, some fileshares, a DC but not much else.
That may be an option if you need to do something more drastic like flatten the SBS install and start over...
Meanwhile here are some links that may help if you haven't seen them already:

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