5.1 Audio on X55Sv

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I have an Asus X55SV laptop (http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=ryX2yelGWdJGA5U2) with a Realtek High Def. Audio card, and a HDMI port.

I want to get a 5.1 audio system but I don't know how I could hook it up to my laptop since my audio card is not 5.1 (as far as I know).

I don't want an USB audio card.

I need real solutions. Thanks.
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You can connect the cable for the front two speakers to the normal headphone/speaker out port on the laptop. But of course you'll only be able to get normal stereo output on those two speakers. If you want 5.1 output then your only real solution is to get the USB 5.1 sound card that you don't want...
Since the system lacks a pcmcia or express card slot usb is the only option.
I do have a PCMCIA port but I couldn't find a 5.1 audio card
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The Specs of that PC doesn't list it as having a PCMCIA slot.
I know it doesn't, but I have a slot with a piece of plastic inside, and I assume it's the PCMCIA slot. I attached images. However, as I said, I couldn't find a 5.1 audio card on PCMCIA
Thats an expresscard slot. Creative makes an express card sound card. Give me a min and I'll find a link.
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That looks like a ExpressCard slot, but since it isn't mentioned in the specs, it might just be a "blind" card that is there because the PC's case is the same as in other models, that would make it cheaper to manufacture.
@jamietoner: that doesn't seem to be a 5.1 audio card (though I saw that you could extend it by using some docking station). I found a docking station that connects through express card and offers 5.1 audio.

@rindi: I know, and that's what I'm also thinking, so I won't risk it.

As I said, it also has HDMI. Do any of you know if I could use the HDMI port for a 5.1 audio system?
The card does support surround with an upgrade dongle. According to the specs the hdmi port supports upto 7.1 audio if the receiver has hdmi thats an option.
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You wouldn't be able to use HDMI directly, you'd have to connect the HDMI output to an HDMI capable TV or something similar, and to that the surround sound system would be attached.
There are many surround sound receivers thst have hdmi inputs for audio and or video. The hdmi port can be used for just audio.

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