How do I get the Downloads folder to stop appearing each time I download a file?

shlomofu99 used Ask the Experts™
I'm running Windows XP. Each time I click on the file and ask Windows to download it, a list of my most recent Downloads - with the current download at the top of the list - opens up. How can I prevent this from happening?
Thank you
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zeshanazizSystem Administrator

plz attached the screenshot so that we can find out the exact problem...

check the mention link
what internet browser are you using?

if you are using firefox, look under the history tab and uncheck remember download history

I assume you are using Mozilla Firefox browser.

If so go to "Tools" - > "Options..." under Downloads frame uncheck "Show the Downloads windows when downloading a file".

Hope it helps


Thank you. By the way, you meant:

"Tools - Options - General"

There is no "Downloads" frame.

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