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I want to be able to return multiple values in a subquery, preferably in a comma delimited list.  I am using PostgreSQL and ColdFusion.  Is there a simple way to accomplish this?

For example, I want something like:

SELECT, t.val2, t.val3,
   (SELECT FROM state s WHERE = as arrayOfStates
FROM table t

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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I think the best way to do that is using a function that utilize a cursor to build the list of values string


how would you do that?
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I think something like this can do the trick:

SELECT[100], table.val2[100], table.val3[100]
    FROM table, state

look at here for more info:


Thanks, but I'm not familiar with creating and returning functions, so I wouldn't even know where to start with regard to writing one to return a comma delimited list of a value; that's why I posted my question here.
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Can you give an example of data and the "desired output" of the data?



If I were more familiar with the direction given, I probably would have been able to figure out a solution, but I had to go with a workaround.

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