What is this on my Plasma screen TV and should I report it to John Lewis (where I got it)

Over the last 4 months or so I have spotted this mark (getting bigger I think) on my plasma tv. First off - what is it. Second what should I do.

I have 1 year of warranty left. I tried to catch it with camera but they are not the best photos.

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nathan1038Author Commented:
Clearly visible in that third pic. Top right corner of the tv.
Looks like damage caused by someone pressing on the screen.


I'd try to have it repaired under warranty.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Does it look as if it's on the surface or inside the screen? (try looking across it obliquely). The surfaces of plasma screens are particuarly senstive to finger marks & smearing and need careful cleaning.  Polishes and alcohol containing products are especially damaging.   JL will give you free advice though try getting a close up photo of the area and take it into the store or phone/email their technical support team
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Plasma screen doesn't have any protector layer (vs LCDs) so its very sensitive.
any chemical materials, pressures even with a naked hand, Hot or Cold things, etc may harm the surface.

One of my friends had a plasma monitor which has some marks like yours, we found that those created by steam of his coffee! (by putting his cup of coffee right in front of that monitor).
Definately a fault with the panel. Take it in for warranty repair.

Depending on the model, the whole TV will likely be replaced as the panels are often not available or more expensive than a comlete change-over.

Good Luck.
nathan1038Author Commented:
My father phoned J Lewis technical support (I should have done it, he can be a bit weak on these issues)

They told him (without seeing a pic) that it was just the age of the tv.

Should I phone them back and get someone to come and have a look at it.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Absolutely, if they are suggesting it's burn in which is the only thing that would be affected by the age of the TV - it's not - however if it's on the screen surface then it's likely to be "user error" because of cleaning.
Pressure marks would affect an LCD but I've never seen them on a plasma.
Maybe JL could explain the "it's just getting old" thing when you call (if they use it as an excuse again).

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