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Our small Business Network operate by dell power edge 2800 server with 2 SCSi HHD (146GB x2)  working for 2 years and NO problems notice,  but i found out recently there is a need to increase the server capacity ,

so i try to read the specification of the hard disk and i hear about SCSI hot swap so i go directly to the HDD and pull out one of  that disks " second one " 

i try to power on the server again and i see the LED in the front said flashing amber and i get a massege about the logical disk is " failure " and instruction to press Ctrl+M to setup

when i press the Ctrl+m and check in the BIOS configuration i found table for harddisk and i think its RAID0 , of what i see the DISK 0 is green and ok ,, the DISK1 ambur and " failure " 

 so how to recreate or restore the failure disk with out any loss of data

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Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011

RAID 0 is disk striping, which means that your server had two disks acting as one big disk.
The problem with RAID 0 is that there is no fault tolerance so if one disk fails, the entire server fails.
As you have pulled out one of the RAID 0 disks, you have essentially killed your server's hard disk.
You need to make sure you have a good backup and then rebuild your server.
At this point, you may as well buy bigger disks to start with and then ideally configure them as RAID 1 (mirroring), so that you can pull out a disk and not have issues.
RAID 0 is not in the least bit recommended for servers, so whoever built it that way should be taken out and shot!
IT Consultant
Top Expert 2010
Nobody can guarantee no data loss now, but go to CTRL-M, Objects, Phyisical Drives, hit Enter on the drive showing FAILED and choose Force Online.

Remember, RAID 0 has NO redundancy ... one drive dies (or is removed) and the whole array is dead.

If you want to add storage space to this server, you will need to ADD a physical disk and Reconfigure in OpenManage Server Administrator in Windows.  If you don't have it installed, you should install it.  I would, at a minimum, suggest adding two 146GB drives to this server and reconfigure those 4 drives to a RAID 5.


u mean if i recreate or reconfigure this array mybee i will loss the data in Disk1 ??
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PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
Top Expert 2010

If you recreate, you will surely lose everything.  You only have two options at this point to get the data back:  1) Data Recovery services, 2) Force Online disk 2.  There is no guarantee that data has not already been lost.  If you reconfigure this array to a 4 disk RAID 5, you will not lose data and it can be done "live".


thank u PowerEdgeTech :)

i will try 2 force Online ,, and i hope to resolve this problem
Top Expert 2010

When the controller takes a disk offline, it generally means either catastrophic failure, or a high number of unrecoverable data blocks.  By forcing it online, you risk further loss, because the file system will (well already does) have errors, some log files may need to be rolled back, and some parts of files are unreadable.

A recovery lab has high probability of getting everything back.  So unless you have no plans to spend approx $1000, then try forcing online.  Just remember you can't go back. This WILL result in data destruction that would likely be recoverable before forcing online.
Top Expert 2014

The controller din't take it offline, he took it out!
Personally I'd image them on a non-RAID controller for security and then force online like PowerEdgeTech suggested.



i follow ur steps
Phyisical Drives
hit Enter on the drive showing FAILED and
choose Force Online.

when i hit Enter a red warning message appears and that clear that the data could be corrupted
but I am very optimistic and ,, clicked "Yes"

You will not believe how it was my feeling when I saw the server works again and was able to open all my files

thnk u  PowerEdgeTech 4 ur help and I appreciate everyone's participation

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