How to Change the First Letter of a Word in a TextBox from a Capital letter to a Small letter through Code

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I have a   TextBox1    on a    Form1     in a Visual Basic Project in Visual Studio 2008.
Form1    also has a Command named   Button1    on it.
TextBox1 is likely to contain a sentence in it.
I would like to change the First letter of the first word of whatever sentence is written in TextBox1 from a Capital Letter to a small letter.
For example if TextBox1 has the following sentence in it
This is a table.
Clicking Button1 should change it to
this is a table.

Similarly if TextBox1 has
He is going to London.
then clicking Button1 should change this to
he is going to London.

I need help with Code for the Click event of Button1 which will achieve this for me.

Thank you for your help in anticipation.
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would changing the whole textbox to lower case be acceptable or would you like to just do the first letter.  Also are you working in C# or VB.
Put this in your button click event

TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text(0).ToString.ToLower + TextBox1.Text.Substring(1)

nice, go with the above


Brilliant!. Many thanks.

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