.bat file help "del /f/s/q" and "Shutdown -r -f -t 00"

Thomas Turner
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Need a little help understanding what some commands do in a bat file.

What do the following do,

1) @echo off?
2) del %systemdriver%\*.*/f/s/q
I know what del is and how it goes after everything because of *.* but what about the f/s/q what dose that do?

3)Shutdown -r -f -t 00
What is the -r -f -t 00 do?
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"@ECHO OFF" makes sure that all the commands iand there output are not shown during execution of the BAT file

DEL /F : force deletion of read only files
DEL /S : delete the file in sub directories as well
DEL /Q : dont ask for confirmation when deleting whildcards.

The best way to check this is usually to start the command with the /? option, like DEL /?
Oh, forgot:

Shutdown -r : restart the computer
Shutdown -f : close all active applications
Shutdown -t 00 : time out of 00 seconds before shutdown.

Basically, this shuts down your PC as fast as possible



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A couple of other reference sources for command descriptions and options:




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