cannot login to sql server 2008 with sa or windows mode

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I'm having problems login to sql server 2008 with sa account. The windows account does not work either. Is there a way to reset the sa password without connecting to the actual instance?
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Yes, as shown in that link you should be able to connect locally to your SQL Server when in Single User Mode, and then enable sa and/or change the password.

2008 does no longer add the administrator group to the SQL server accounts automatically, following Best Practise, and that is why the admin windows login does not work either at the moment.
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Do you have a login to at least connect to SQL Server? You could run the following stmnts in SSMS query against master database to see who's security admin or sysadmin if any then use one of those to connect (sp_helpsrvrolemember requires only public access):

exec sp_helpsrvrolemember @srvrolename = 'securityadmin'
exec sp_helpsrvrolemember @srvrolename = 'sysadmin'


question solved.

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