Long time process problem - Asp.net

I am creating a longtime process with synlock me and make it to work until infinity with
while k<1
end while

but it stops after a few hours it checks some values in every second , why do you think this stops ?
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Is it because the session time out? You can change it in IIS settings.
3XLcomAuthor Commented:
how ? is there a possibiilyty to make it forever. I am trycasting longtime procesess into cache
In the IIS management console, right click on your website,select "property". In the first tab of property dialog, you should be able to see a "connection timeout" value.

Try to see if it's the cause.
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I think if you have long time process you should not use asp.net web application (or service). Trestan right that it could be session timeout issue. I would suggest you to develop Windows Service and start them from asp.net. The Windows Service will work as long as you need and will be controlled by asp.net via .NET Remoting (of WCF). If you need some example I can create it for you.
3XLcomAuthor Commented:
nope it does not solved
3XLcomAuthor Commented:
wcf could be a good solution
3XLcomAuthor Commented:
I copied all my code into WCF application and created services but i think i will have the same problem in here also . I do not want to change my algorithma so what should i use in wcf instead of this  code
            Lt = TryCast(System.Web.HttpRuntime.Cache("GenelProcess"), ILongTimeWait.GenelHandler)
            If Lt Is Nothing Then
                Lt = New ILongTimeWait.GenelHandler
                System.Web.HttpRuntime.Cache("GenelProcess") = Lt
            End If

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Please review my sample. Hope this will help you.
Service done as console application, but it should be Windows service. Let me know if something unclear.

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3XLcomAuthor Commented:
That is the way i like it :D
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