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I am trying to create a soft edge image in Fireworks CS4. I am after an effect similar to what you get when you use picture effects – rectangular soft edge of 25 points in Microsoft word.

I just can’t seem to get it to look right, any help would be appreciated.  It would be good if I can create it as a separate layer and not to the actual image so that it can be used over multiple images.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Ok, here is what you want to do:
  1. Open the image in Fireworks
  2. Go to Modify>Canvas and select Canvas Size. Enlarge the canvas about 30px in each direction.
  3. Now click on the Marquee tool and drag a box about 1/4 inch inside of the original picture.
  4. Now navigate to Select>Feather, in the top toolbar. Start off with 10 pixels and adjust accordingly from there.
  5. Now go to Select>Inverse from the top toolbar.
  6. Now choose Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur from the top toolbar. Start with a radius of about 9 pixels and adjust to your liking.
  7. Click OK and there you have it.
You might have to adjust the settings a little in each step to accommodate your likings.
I have been working on a command for this, but it will only work if the images are the same size. If you want to try it, all you need to do is go to the History Palette after you finish the effect on an image and click on the options drop-down. select the steps in the history palette that were used to make the effect by either clicking the first step and hold shift and click the last step, or hold ctrl and click them 1 at a time. Then go to the drop-down in the history palette and choose new command and name it. When you open a new image it will be under the commands drop-down in the top toolbar.



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