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Hi Team,

I'm working with some data which is required to be presented in a single horizontal stacked bar chart for some data rows describing the current status of opportunities.

The data is grouped on the age of the opportunity.  When I use the stacked bar graph I get the first result, ie 4 bars with their corresponding counts, provided.

What I require is all four bars to be stacked on one bar as in the second chart.

I have included a screendump of the Chart Expert Data tab.

All assistance is appreciated
Bernard   What I am currently getting What I would like to have Chart Expert Data Tab detail
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Hi all,  
I'm not sure if anyone took a look at this, but I think I have solved my problem.  I added another calculated field called year, since the report ran over a date range and currently everything falls into the current year.

I added YEAR field in as Group 1, then added the Group1 fieldname into the Chart Expert Data at the highest level, and then added the MOnthsAge field as the second grouping opf data in the Chart Expert.  The count of MonthsAge field was left as the   "Show Values" entry.

This came up with exactly what I needed.




 I'm trying to close the question, but I cannot add a grade, which it is asking for and there is no place to provide it/

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