Cannot boot to XP because of GoBack error

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I have a Dell XPS PC running Windows XP SP2 that I am not able to boot up due to a GoBack error. Every time I try to boot the computer, it hangs at the GoBack startup screen, then eventually shows GoBack Failure Code : gb_genlog(175) and asks for a reboot. I found a solution on the Symantec forums, here: . When I tried the solution to create a bootable GoBack CD and unhook GoBack from the master boot record, I encountered the same problem as the poster at the above link: I then get GoBack Failure Code : gb_genlog(181) . However, for me the solution to hit Ctrl-Alt-G when booting up did not work. I have tried several times and it does nothing. I can boot the computer from a CD, but then I cannot access the hard drive or uninstall GoBack. I don't care about getting GoBack to work, I just want to get the computer to boot normally again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Do one thing download UBCD & then boot from UBCD & take back up of your data on external drive.
Then boot from windows XP CD & repair your OS. If the problem is persist then check reinstall Operating system & then check.

Tushar Kaskhedika
I was finally able to fix this with the Ctrl-Alt-G solution. The probelm had been that I had been just holding down the Ctrl-Alt-G keys together. What you have to do is to hold down the Ctrl & Alt keys and then tap the G key repeatedly.


Only one solution was proposed, and mine was easier to implement.

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