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Hi all,

on a SBS2008 box, the content of the users shares (\\server\users\) can only be viewed by its owner, and not even the domain admin.  That's by design and that's fine by me.  However, if I want to generate a report using FSRM to see for instance who has MP3 and AVI in their "My Documents" I get only a blank page in the XML report...

How do I bypass this ? At this stage I only want to generate a report to see how much space is used with audio and video files, depending on the result I'll enforce a filter or not...  If I can't open the user's shares, how can I have data in my report ?

Thanks for the input.
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Only way to do so that I am aware of is remove the "grant user exclusive rights" option. To do so open the Group policy management console and go to  Small Business server Folder redirection policy | user configuration | policies | windows settings | Folder redirection | Documents (or other folder) | Options | un-check grant user exclusive rights

This of course will also allow admins to browse those folders. Don't forget you need to allow the policy to update (5 min on server) before you can view.


Right, thanks, this would mean the FSRM is only working with that setting off ?

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Yes. I can't see any other way.
The security features for users definitely plays havoc with some management tasks.

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